Xtra© Emerald Green Glitter for Grout - 50 grams - for adding to 5 lbs of grout. Shipping is included in price.

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Emarald Green glitter works well with our standard colors, Douglas Fir, Seafoam Green, Meadow Green, Turquoise, and Lime Green.
Our grout glitter is a special composite material that is composed of a co-extruded, three layer design. The two outer layers of polymer and the middle colored layer create a solvent resistant glitter with excellent durability. We've tested the glitter in sanded and unsanded grouts, 2 part epoxy grouts, and single component grouts.  Our usage recommendation is 50 grams to 5 lbs of grout.  
0.008" or 1/156" particle size. 
UV safe and high light fastness = 8 on a 1-8 scale
Safe around solvents and cleaning products, can be used in cement based and epoxy based grouts.


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