Unsanded Lime Green Tile Grout - Green Grout WP

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Vibrant, Chromatic colors are possible when using grout from Grout360. Great for tile jobs or mosaics where more color options are desired. The material you will receive already has the color added and all you add is water.

Technical Info and 
Installation Instructions:
ANSI 118.7 and ISO 13007-4 CF2FAW
Polymer Fortified
Contains admixtures to improve mildew resistance and crack formation
Safe for use on Glass tiles

This is an Unsanded grout to be used in grout joints up to 1/8". Pre-sealing porous tile or stone with an appropriate brand sealer may be necessary to prevent grout staining of the porous material. The mix is easy to use, just add water. It is enhanced with Polymer to create Hard, Long-lasting, Professional results. Key attributes:

1. Can be used on walls.
2. Interior and Exterior applications.
3. Kitchens and Bathrooms.
4. Residential and Commercial jobs
5. Makes a hard, dense grout.
6. Great for highly-glazed ceramic tile, polished marble, and glass tiles.
7. Will not scratch softer materials.
8. Since these colors are very strong, make sure to test softer or porous materials for potential staining.

Color variations can occur in any white Portland cement product. Slight color differences are normal.