Get answers to your questions about tile grout from Grout360

My grout looks almost white in the bag, is this correct? Yes, since some of the colorants we use are activated and dissolved by water, you will not see the true color of the grout until water is added and thorough mixing has occurred. 

My finished grout has light and dark areas, what happened? When the grout was installed and the initial cleanup happened, too much scrubbing and cleaning with a wet sponge has washed away the color, this can happen with any grout, but our darker colors are more susceptible to this problem. I have an installation guideline that will help with your install, you can get some helpful tips by clicking on this link:

When does my order ship? Orders are shipped the next business day, normally within 24 hours from when it was placed. We mainly use UPS and USPS Priority mail, these are the most reliable based on experience. Since all products are made to order, and we keep stock to a minimum, we need time to make your grout. If you need faster shipping, please contact us for a quote.

How long does it take to receive my order? Typical orders are delivered 3-5 days after being ordered. Next Day available on a very limited basis. Email if you need the product ASAP and we will see if we can accommodate.

How much grout do I need? Estimating grout usage depends on three main pieces of information; tile dimensions, tile thickness, and grout joint widths. We have an online calculator that you can access with this link: Or contact us and we can assist with the estimate. We always recommend that you get 10-20% extra to compensate for spills, usage errors, and estimate variations. 

How much water should I use? The amount of water will be printed on a label that is attached to each bag of material.