Grout Floats

Grout floats are typically grouped by rubber hardness or elasticity level. Avoid using a single grout float for all your projects, as the  hardness determines how likely it is to scratch your working surface. Choose your float's hardness according to your project:

  • Soft: Best suited for glass, marble, and other surfaces prone to scratching
  • Medium: Suitable for most ceramic tiles and all but the most delicate surfaces
  • Hard: Ideal for rough stone, hard tiling, and surfaces that are resistant to scratches.

If installing coarse or sanded grout, consider using a harder grout float, as softer models may be damaged. If you work with epoxy grout, make sure to purchase an epoxy-resistant rubber grout float. Typically, they possess beveled edges made to resist sticking.



QEP 4 in. x 9.5 in. Molded Rubber Grout Float - for DIYers

QEP Black Grout Float

  • Use to smoothly apply grout to floor and wall tile
  • Non-stick 5/8 in. molded gum rubber pad prevents absorption of materials
  • Aluminum back plate for durability and beveled sides for a smooth application
  • Contoured D handle fits in hand
  • Easy to clean by rinsing with hose or in clean water after each use
  • Amazon affiliate link: QEP 4 in. x 9.5 in. Molded Rubber Grout Float



Goldblatt 4" x 12" Grout Float - Professional Grade

Goldblatt Grout Float

  • Beveled Rounded Edges & Straight Edges - Beveled edge with rounded front edges is effective on compacting the joint for greater control; squared-off back corners is suitable for dealing with corners and allow for complete grout coverage; Bottom pad measure: 12-inch by 4-inch; handle width: 8-inch
  • Double Rubber Pad - Composed of thick black foam rubber (EVA) and white rubber, the pad features better cushioning performance, lightweight and soft. Non-stick gum rubber face is bonded to the dense rubber pad, ensures a smooth application and easy clean
  • Goldblatt Soft-Grip Handles - Ergonomic soft-grip non-slip handles with non-slip during use and makes grout work effortlessly. The firmly installed handle can withstand 26.5 lbs (12 kg) tension for 1 minute without falling off
  • Professional Grade - Goldblatt Grout Float (G02723) is used to spread grout into the joints when grouting ceramic tile. Suitable for finishing or smoothing drywall compound, stucco, concrete or grout; Tile Grout Sponge
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Epoxy Grout Float

Epoxy Grout Float

  • Easy to use and clean, lightweight
  • Use to smoothly apply grout to floor and wall tile
  • Resists epoxy grout build up, durable and reusable
  • No wood or metal parts
  • Contoured D handle fits in hand
  • Amazon afflilate link: Epoxy Grout Float