Grout System for Flooring Tile Installations

There are several Grout Systems available that aid in grout installation. Several of those products are highlighted below. These products are available through the product links on Amazon and other online retailers.

QLT Grout System©

QLT Grout System With Bucket

QLT Grout System cleans grout in less time with less mess. The Grout System includes a wash bucket with handle, DuraSoft® sponge float, oversized DuraSoft® sponge float, extra sponge float pad, extra oversized sponge float pad, fine grit scrub pad, and medium grit scrub pad. The wash bucket holds six gallons and has three rollers for maximum water removal. Amazon affiliate link: QLT Grout System

  • Cleans grout in less time with less mess
  • 6-gallon bucket
  • Three rollers for maximum water removal


Barwalt Ultra Grouting System©

Barwalt Ultra Grouting System

The Barwalt Ultra Grouting System comes complete with a larger bucket, two ultra-comfortable cushioned grip handles with grout sponges and an abrasive and non-abrasive 3M scrub pad.

One of the grout sponges is for walls and one is for floors and both use industrial Velcro, which makes changing sponges a snap.

The bucket now comes with two wheel brakes for stability and holds more water for fewer changes throughout the job. No job will ever get away from you again.

Amazon affiliate link: Barwalt Ultra Grouting System

  • Large bucket with 3 rollers.
  • Kit include ultra-comfortable cushioned grip handle with grout sponges for floors.
  • Sponges attach with hook & loop fastening system
  • When grouting, just pump the sponge on the grill into the bucket and roll the sponge over the rollers, then start cleaning the grout.
  • The slits in the sponge trap more grouting materials than a conventional sponge and the grating in the larger bucket allows it to rinse clean.
  • This process will tool the joints. To clean the tile, dip and roll the sponge clean and drag the sponge flat but diagonally this time, across the tile and you are finished! You will be amazed how clean the floor will be and you have eliminated any haze as well.