Which Grout Sealers Should You Use

Sealing your grout is very important to your project, we recommend sealing all cement based grouts, regardless of manufacturer, both sanded and unsanded grout. If you're using epoxy grout or a premixed acrylic/latex type grout (the ones that come in a bucket and is ready to use), then sealing isn't necessary and will only waste material. Grout sealer absorbs into the pores of the grout surface to form a protective layer that helps to resist liquids and stains. Grout360 has tested many grout sealers on our sanded and unsanded grouts and we have recommendations for our customers based on our test results.

The two grouts that we recommend are made by Miracle Sealants. The two are 511 Porous Plus and 511 Impregnator.

511 Porous Plus is the better of the two, but a little more costly. This material can also be used as a presealer when working with porous tile materials. 

511 Impregnator is more commonly used by our customers, and is readily available online and at home improvement stores. You can find out more about these two products by clicking on the links above.