Grout Colors

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Grout Color Selector

Grout360 offers a wide selection of sanded and unsanded grout colors to help you achieve the finished look you desire for your tile installation project. We also have a Color Selector to help visualize the tile grout, our grout simulator has most of our standard colors with different types and colors of tiles.


Grout Colors Color Selector


Avocado Grout with Green Glass Tile Grout Colors Selector

Installing grout fills the joints between tiles and makes your floors and walls stronger by bonding the tiles together and preventing them from cracks, chips, and water damage as your home naturally shifts and settles. High-quality grout also helps with longevity, giving your tiling project a long-lasting, professional finish. It’s important to select a tile grout that offers excellent bonding strength, especially in high-traffic areas. The wide variety of grout colors available from Grout360 means that you can find a color that matches or contrasts with your tile color and pattern allowing you to design without restrictions.

Red Grout with Blue Tiles

The color you choose for your grout can be just as exciting as choosing the color of your tile. Using a dark grout with light tiles is a very popular design that is used by a lot of our customers for their tile installations. We have many unique tile grout colors, and create custom colors as well.

Sunflower Grout with White Subway Tiles Grout Colors Selector