Metallic Pearl Pigments for Epoxy Coatings

Posted by Sabrina Ervin on

Grout360® MTX metallic pigments are ideally suited for use in all epoxy coating resins. View our color collection. We have several sizes available, 50 grams, 1 lb. and 5 lb. buckets.


Metallic colors add dimension and variation to the floors and countertops coated in epoxy, you can create a stunning marble effect with a high gloss finish that can make any room feel luxurious. Rich, multi-dimensional colors with metallic effects. Our products mix thoroughly, eliminating “color float” problems, ensuring you get the professional results you are looking for. 

Our Metallic Pigments are manufactured using a fine powder of Mica and microscopic layers of Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide. These ingredients allow you to create iridescent and pearlescent effects in all your epoxy pour and thin coating projects which are used in retail establishments, bars and clubs, showrooms to residential interiors and garage floors. It’s very easy to use, mixed with clear epoxy resin or any type of clear resin. 


Mix the color powders into the resin and hardener mixture. Recommended quantity of metallic pigment to reach full coverage: approx. 1-2 grams of pigment per 2oz of epoxy. 60-100 grams of pigment per mixed gallon of epoxy. Adjust the color intensity individually by adding more or less color powders.

Please note that due to different lighting conditions and monitors, the colors may not be uniformly displayed. All the information and recommendations provided are based on our experience.

  • Create a Beautiful Metallic Epoxy Floor System
  • Vibrant and Exciting Pearlescent looking colors
  • 3 Dimensional Marbled Appearance
  • Unlimited Designs – Endless Possibilities
  • Floor & Countertop projects on concrete and wood
  • Pigment ships as Powder in Easy to Use resealable pouch