Pool Tile Grout for your Swimming Pool

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Pool Tile Grout

What is the best grout to use for pool tile? Our answer is Epoxy Grout. Epoxy grout is  waterproof, long lasting, stain-proof, and doesn't require sealing. Epoxy grout is a great choice for swimming pools. The common grout used for the waterline tile, the area where the pool plaster and tile meet, is cement based grout. Cement based grout used in pool tile is used everyday, but it is more susceptible to stains and damage by pool chemicals. Although cement grout has polymers and sealers added to the mixture, it's not as good as epoxy grout.

Pool Tile with Epoxy Grout Water Line

Where is Pool Tile used in a Swimming Pool?

Pool Tile is used as two main functional reasons. Pool Tile is either used to cover the entire swimming pool surface, or its used in the waterline. There is an area in certain types of swimming pools, the waterline, that has a band of Pool Tile encircling the swimming pool, this is located at the top edge of the pool wall, usually right above the pool plaster. Its purpose is to allow the water level of the pool to remain above the pool plaster, making sure the pool plaster doesn't ever dry out, preventing the pool plaster from cracking. The grout that is used in this area will have part of it fully submerged at all times, and parts that will be above the water level. 

Epoxy grout is very durable in this application, it can be fully submerged or exposed to aire without any detrimental affect to it. We have matched many colors in Epoxy Grout, and offer them on our website. We also have the ability to match almost any color in Epoxy Grout. If you want your pebble or quartz finish pool plaster to have matching grout, then we can make that happen. If you're using Midnight Blue, Sky Blue, Tahoe Blue, etc., pool plaster, we can match it. Some of our Pool Tile grout colors are below.

 Pool Tile Epoxy Grout Color OptionsPool Tile Epoxy Grout Color Options Pool Tile Waterline